Webinar “Best practice in using AI for organisational decision making” (Projeto EXCELIVING)

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Remetemos informação sobre o Webinar: “ Best practice in using AI for organisational decision making”, que acontece dia 25 de maio das 11H30 às 12H30 (hora portuguesa) e que é organizado no âmbito do Projeto EXCELIVING, do qual o Cluster Habitat Sustentável é parceiro.

O webinar será realizado em inglês e a inscrição é gratuita, mas obrigatória.

Webinar “Best practice in using AI for organisational decision making”

25/05/2023 | 11H30-12H30

Is it time for you and your company to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your processes?

Get inspiration about how AI can help decision-making in your organisation and learn how you can take the first steps in making AI an advantage for your company.

Learn about

– Basics of AI;

– AI in Decision making;

– Best practice cases from several industries on AI being used in decision making;

– How you get started with AI;

– Ethical and Legal aspects of AI.

Meet the expert

The presenter at this webinar is Aitor Izquierdo Fernández, Business Development Manager at Future Space. Aitor has worked within Artificial intelligence and digitalization since 2017 working first as a data scientist and now as a business development manager helping clients in different sectors take advantage of AI in their business processes (aerospace, insurance, energy, defense, etc.). Future Space is an information technological company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector focused on transforming data into value for businesses.


11:30 Welcome by Nanna Broch Mortensen, Project Manager, Danish Life Science Cluster
11:35 “Best practice in using AI for organisational decision making” by Aitor Izquierdo Fernández, Business Development Manager, Future Space
12:15 Open discussion about AI in decision making by Agustí Padrós, Project Manager, Smartech Cluster
12:30 Thank you for joining – see you next time


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